PP Basket Strainer

PP Basket Strainer Manufacturer

The introduced PP Basket Strainer is created to eliminate high amount of impurities from the stream flow and protect the valuable process equipment from damage. This PP basket strainer is fabricated using the polypropylene material in order to convey excellent robustness to outperform under the high pressure and high temperature surroundings. Besides, the use of the polypropylene material over metal prevents corrosion and hence promises longer service life. This PP Basket Strainer is sterling choice where the high flow capacity requires, which we have made available in the two models, sequential simplex Basket Strainer and Duplex Basket Strainer, wherein the simplex embraces single SS Basket for the filtration of the impurities, whilst the duplex embraces two baskets. The duplex basket strainer is ideal where the interruption during the processing is not possible. Both types of the Basket Strainer are as per the international quality standards and hence ascertain for the effective filtration and protection of the variegated processing equipment, available in the extensive specification as well as custom made specifications at the best rates in the industries.