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Failure of valves is a common nightmare of today’s industry and also the reason for the industrial plant breakdown. The roots behind thereof determined are corrosion and erosion of the valves and to address it, Gokul Valve is here with an unmatched quality range of the valve made from PP (polypropylene) material that shares Excellent Resistance against Corrosion and Erosion. Other than, the material is also extremely popular for its low weight and high strength ration, imparts significant withstand capacity even under the high temperature and pressure.

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The rigorous quality checks followed by the quality controlled engineering is the regime of GOKUL POLY VALVES PVT. LTD. helping to procure the seamless quality range of the PP valves that is synonymous with the quality, reliability and excellence, ensuring the impeccable operations throughout its life expectancy. GOKUL POLY VALVES PVT. LTD. specialized in manufacturing all types of valves used in the industry to regulate and throttle the flow of the process stream, which incorporates Ball Valve, Non Return Valve, Foot Valve Diaphragm Valve, Butterfly Valve, Y type Strainer as well as Basket Strainer, which are exceedingly used in the pipelines, oil industry, gas industry, food & beverage industry, pharmaceutical industry, marine industry, chemical processing industry and analogous one for its better performance over the metal valves and hence GOKUL POLY VALVES PVT. LTD. has positioned at the top in the list of the best PP Valve Manufacturer in India.

Our Specialized collection of the PP Valve incorporates:

PP valve


Pvc Ball Valve

Chemical Resistance

The acid does not react with the polypropylene (PP) material and hence the valves made from the PP material shares excellent resistance against corrosive chemicals, making it excellent to operate under corrosive environments unlikely to metal valves.

Drain Trap


The PP material shares ability to deform without braking, and hence the valves made from the polypropylene material shares excellent toughness and thereby does not break, even while subjected to the high pressure, making it the ideal alternative for the higher pressure applications over metal valves.

PP Pipe End (Longnack)

Fatigue Resistance

The polypropylene material used in the construction of the valve retains its shape after a log of torsion, bending and flexing, hence molding of the PP material into valve is easy, making it a low cost venture, which ultimately reduces the cost of the PP Valve over the metal valve.

PP Reduser (Concentric)


The PP Valves made from the polypropylene material are recyclable that apparently reduces the wastage and equally contributes to the environmental conservation, is one of the principal benefits for what has gained popularity in the market.

PP Longnack Pipe End

Light weight to high strength ratio

The polypropylene material utilized in the construction of the PP Valve is light in weight, while shares high impact strength. The light weight of the PP Valve makes it easy for transportation as well as installation over the metal valves, reduces the overall expenditure of the end user.

PP Valve Supplier in India

We are experienced, well versed and specialized in configuring the valve as per your requirement and therefore are popular in the market for the same. Our tailored range of the PP Valve is praised for the defined construction and brilliant dimensions that best fit with your specifications. Further, we also endeavor to make it available at the most competitive prices in the market. Our tailored range of the PP Valve is available for the large quantities as well as small quantities all across India and abroad.

Industries looking for PP Valves Manufacturer


Pvc Ball Valve

Chemical and petroleum Industry

Plastic Ball Valve

Power Plant

Upvc Ball Valve

Paper and Pulp Industries

PP Sight Glass Valve

Distilleries and beverages plants

PP Pipe Fitting

Sugar industries

Hdpe Pipe Fitting

Effluent treatment plants

Drain Trap

Pharmaceutical plants

PP End Cap

Cooling towers

Hdpe Elbow (Bend)

Salt and soda ash plants

Hdpe Tee (Equal)

Private and public pools

Hdpe End Cap

Paint and varnish

PP Coupling

Oil industries

PP Clamp Saddles

Power and pulp

Application scope of our PP valves

Engineering Products

Cement factories

Hdpe Tail Piece

Gas and solvents

Hdpe Pipe End (Shortneck)


PP Shortneck Pipe End


PP Threaded Flange


PP Pipe End (Shortneck)

Drip irrigation

PP Hose NiPPle Flanged


PP Service Saddle


PP Nrv Threaded

Green house

PP Drip Irrigation Ball Valve

Water irrigation

PP Butterfly Valve

Swimming ponds and fish farming

Hdpe Ball Valve

Trick fountains



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